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LOVATA software design and development company is a strong team of professionals dedicated to creating software, responsive websites and applications with beautiful UI and graceful UX, utilizing modern stack of technologies to meet our clients’ goals and help them make an impact on their industry. Our expertise allows us to implement cross-platform development using multiple programming languages, frameworks and databases in order to achieve these goals.

Clutch, a well-known and trustworthy B2B ratings and reviews platform, has recognized LOVATA as Top Software and Web Development Company for 2017.

We Focus On Projects In:
- Healthcare
- Retail and eCommerce
- Sharing Economy and Online Services
- Human Resources
- Logistics
- Finances
- Manufacturing
- Mass Media

We Creatе:
- Full-fledged websites with corporate identity
- Web applications that extend websites capabilities
- iOS and Android apps
- Progressive Web Applications
- SaaS and cloud solutions
- Other software solutions tailored to client’s needs

Разработка сайта
Корпоративные сайты / Промо-сайты / Интернет-магазины / Порталы и сервисы

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