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Code Inspiration

16-20 челс 2012 года14 проектовот 200 тыс до 3 млн рубМинск
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Top quality solutions in development of mobile applications and web-services.
We are a team of dedicated iOS, Android, Web developers with wealth of experience and passion for coding.

Due to our strong technical background and project management skills we are confident in our ability to deliver top quality solutions you desire.

Why us?

1. Communication: we are readily available via email, Skype and call even beyond business hours.

2. Project completion and your satisfaction are our creed: on time, on budget and according to your expectations.

3. Confidence: We are forward-minded top ranking professionals able to enter into contract, sign NDA, provide legal support and keep your project private.

4. Extended support: we provide free bug fix and support even after the project is complete. We will never run away after finishing.

5. Partnership : we always trust our customers and take every step to make the partnership mutually beneficial

Разработка сайта
Программирование сайта / Дизайн сайта / Поддержка и развитие сайта / Проектирование сайта / Тестирование сайта / HTML-верстка
Разработка мобильных приложений
Разработка iOS приложений / Разработка Android приложений

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